Ⅰ.Service before Contract Signing

Usually, Leyon will hold an internal meeting ahead of signing contract to review on client’s orders, make sure that all the requirements have been understood while evaluate the technique feasibility.
After the internal meeting, we’ll discuss with factory technicians to review on client’s technique requirements in details, and revaluate the feasibility of some special requirements.
We’ll negotiation with clients face to face to reconfirm the order details and all the shipping details before accompanying them to check the factory.
“Seeing is believing”– Leyon would like accompany our clients to check the producing line, including certificate, quality control system, imperfect products control, equipments status, production capacity, schedule-planning, package storage and inland transport system.
We could offer certificates and files about the products or our company, eg.MPS/ITP files.
With regard to stainless steel products, we could delivery samples with its testing report to our clients to verify the quality.

Ⅱ.Raw Material Check

We will get MTC Documents of Raw material.

Ⅲ.Production monitor and acceptance check

It is easy to forward the production schedule as you can get three kinds of time schedules throughout the whole process from Leyon. They are “Pre-production Schedule”, “ongoing production Schedule” and “post-production Schedule”.
You can rest assured that everything you purchased from Leyon could be sourced easily by tracking its quality control record from the very beginning check for raw materials to the ending check for the final products’ packages.

Ⅳ.Finished products packing details

Coated steel plates should be packed with kraft/water-proof paper in bundle to prevent moisture and rust. Steel belts are also used in packing to fix the cargo in neat bundle and avoid slippage.
Each piling pipe should be trussed up with two lifting ropes or customer-specific ropes at each end so as to lift the pipe when loading or discharging. Besides, the pipe also needs to be fastened with several nylon ropes at a certain equal distance from one another. These nylon ropes could protect the coating surface from damage caused by pipes cracking each other in transporting.
Anticorrosion steel pipe need to be tied up with 2 lifting ropes or customer-specific ropes at each end of the pipe for lifting convenience. Every certain interval, nylon ropes are also used in fastening the pipe and reducing the coating surface damage in transporting.
Stainless steel plates are often baled with kraft/water-proof paper to prevent moisture and dust. Beside, the piles need to be fastened with steel belts either in lengthwise or crosswise to avoid slipping. Considering of the loading/discharging convenience, pallets are suggested to be placed under each bundle according to customer’s budget.
Stainless steel coil should be cocooned with water-proof paper or other packing materials to prevent moisture and dust. Each coil is braced with both inner retainer and outer retainer and packed with steel belt to prevent damage from outside force.
Stainless steel pipe should be enclosed in thick plastic bag singly and stacked one by one in ranks with several layers in a wooden box customized by the size of pipes stack. Box will be fastened with steel belts to prevent damage from outside force. There will be foam sheets between each layer to stop pipes inter-collision.