Mr. Jacky Sheng, General Manager of Leyon Steel, is the soul of Leyon, not only because he established the company, but for the great persistence and enthusiasm he brings to the team.

Jacky started his career as a QC in the production line of a state-owened top oil & gas steel pipe manufacturer in 1996, during which period his strong management ability was cultivatefounder of leyond and witnessed on production and technique aspects. 4 years later, as a technique engineer, he began to take charge of sales support against the background that the mill divert to develop acid-resistant pipes in 2000. Since then, Jacky established deep and long relationships with China’s top three oil tycoons–CNPC, CNOOC and Sinopec as well as many other well-known global enterprises in the industry, such as NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company), INOC (Iraq National Oil Company), etc. These good relationships combined with his excellent management ability, solid production knowledge and rich sales experience on overseas businesses later became the cornerstone of Leyon—a real “dream team” of his own.

In 2009, Jacky founded Leyon Steel. In the initial stage, Leyon’s business only involves oil & gas pipes. No pains, no gains! After 6 years of fast development amid hard working and way groping, Leyon gradually grows to be a multi- steel solution provider. Stand by its superb comprehensive ability of technique support, new products R&D and one-stop services, Leyon now could support steel solutions for oil&gas, storage tanks, hydropower, wind power, solar plants and other applications.

Where there is a will, there is a way! Up to now, under the management of Jacky, Leyon have successfully served numerous customers globally and gained a high reputation worldwide in the industry!

“Man should have a dream, in case it comes true someday”—but the implied meaning should be “Man should have a dream, and fight for it restless, and it may come true after thousands of failures.” Jacky is fighting for his dream, and Leyon is still on the way!