about us
Shanghai Leyon Steel Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Leyon) is the global steel supplier and the whole-process service provider for all steel consumption fields. Its main products include steel plates, pipes, stainless steel sheet, etc, covering thousands of standards and grades.
With over 30 years steel supplying experience in energy, transportation and storage field as well as the applied research cooperation with world top steel manufactures in high-end steel products, Leyon could provide the professional steel solutions for projects amid special construction environment in the fields like oil&gas, Petrochemical, ore mining, wind power, coal chemical industry, oceaneering, infrastructure construction, steel structure, water supply, etc..
From steel applied reseach for certain projects to the customized processing for special specs, from steelmaking raw material procurement to the finished products processing, from packing and shipping to the arrival at the construction site, Leyon tracks the whole process with full effort and never slack! With the big dream of developing the “ecospheres” of industry, economy and the nature in a good and sustainable station, Leyon would like to work with all our partners together for a better future through win-win proposal!